About the Land League

The site was named The Land League in the centenary celebration and commemoration of Michael Davitt who died in May 1906. Within Haslingden The Land League and the Irish Democratic League names are synonymous with the Irish club, either the IDL or The Land League, with The Land League being preferred.

Latest News / Events: Live Entertainment January 2020


4th Frank Daniel’s always very popular
11th Vince Hughes top class act
18th Scott Unsworth great singer
25th Peter May NewAct

Thursdays 1pm (senior members luncheon club)

9th Paul Scholey great act
24th TJ Kelly always very popular

Every Friday:

Trevor and May’s Quiz Night (All welcome)

Irish Passport Information

If you want to apply for an Irish passport, or want more information on how to obtain one, please follow the link below and we can help you with your application.