Covid-19 Update

We hope all our members and friends are keeping safe and well in these difficult times. It can be lonely when we cannot be with our friends and family members, and we really look forward to a time when we can resume our social activities.

Our Committee met on Friday 26 June to discuss our situation as some Government restrictions are eased. Whilst some venues will reopen on 4 July we agreed that it would not be viable to our Club to open yet.

There are several reasons for this:

  • We would have capacity for only 2 or 3 dozen clients in order to ensure safe distancing.
  • No entertainment is yet allowed.
  • There would have to be restrictions on movement and use of toilet facilities.
  • Many of our vulnerable members would not be able to use available transport.
  • Our clients and Staff must be guaranteed maximum protection which would involve constant supervision.
  • There would be financial implications which for a business of our size and nature would be unsustainable.

We want to be together with you all again. We want to enjoy ourselves and feel our life is getting back to normal. But above all, we need to keep you safe. The virus spread is declining nationally, but may rise again if we suspend distancing too soon. Please bear with us as we continue to monitor the situation over the next few weeks, look out for further bulletins, and above all keep yourselves and one another safe.

Irish Passport Information

If you want to apply for an Irish passport, or want more information on how to obtain one, please follow the link below and we can help you with your application.